Delhi 150 Fun Run

Celebrate Norfolk's 150 with 5km Run/Walk through downtown Delhi! Participants will complete six different activities/obstacles of local significance throughout the race. After completing an activity, each participant will receive a puzzle piece. By the end of the run participants will have a total of six pieces collected to assemble the Delhi 150 souvenir puzzle, which they get to keep.

Fun Run registration is $10. Participants are welcome to compete individually or in groups. Each $10 registration fee comes with ONE race kit, which includes a Norfolk 150 Passport, water, and puzzle prize. Kids under the age of 12 are free and do not need to register in advance UNLESS they want a race kit.

(Basically the $10 fee covers the cost of the kits, but in the interest of keeping costs down for larger families, we're only asking you to pay for the children who want their own puzzle or to collect their own stickers for their passports at other sites. We're aware you probably don't need more than one or two).

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* all prices are in Canadian dollars